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CHS is a class where kids from each grade are given tasks and the ability to create something great. There are five main groups this trimester with these being: Website, Social Media, Photography, Ultimate Team, and Photoshop. The website crew helped create this website and posts some articles, pictures, and other things that may not make the cut on social media. The social media group uploads pictures on all our social media pages and uploads great Tiktoks. Photoshop makes all the scores and edits pictures that you see on our social media pages. The Ultimate Team looks for people who excelled in their sport and adds the top five of that sport depending on the season into the ultimate team with help from the Social Media and Website teams. This team calls the shots while the other teams edit pictures and make content with this unique idea. The Photography team goes to different events and takes all the great pictures that you guys see. Everyone has a part in this class and helps make everything look great.

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